DeepMountain Syndicate: Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

Ghost of Dragonspear Castle: Session One

How it all started

Session One:

During the heavy storm and after the public execution of the Red Wizard Arvik Zaltos a hectic outrider approached the Lords of Daggerford from Cromm’s Hold while the still warm body of the wizard swung in the harsh winds. The messenger pleaded to the nobility that the Hold was attacked by a Black Dragon and needed immediate assistance. Duke Maldwyn tasks Lord Floshin and the Knight Sir Isteval to gather a force and assist Cromm’s Hold at all haste. They depart with 30 men, a select few adventures and ride with all haste. However when the force arrives the battle is over. Upon entrance they meet the stern Baroness Wynne who informs them she met the demands of the dragon and it flew off, however they were then systematically assaulted by diseased lizardfolk, but managed to repeal the assault. The adventures gathered that the dragons name is Thoss Fyurnen, the sun swallower, chosen of Talona and that it took a blue coral altar. In their investigation the comrades determined another altar was stolen from Lord Floshin’s estate not to long ago. Sir Isteval tasks the small assault group with finding the dragon’s lair and gather information, but do not engage the dragon. Michelle a soldier who is slightly familiar with the swamp volunteers to guide them into the swamp, a dangerous task in and of itself. The assault group travelled through the swamp at an agonizing pace where they encountered hazards consistently and travelled slightly. The group made peace with a friendly tribe of Lizardfolk who bargained for much needed supplies and healing if the fellowship put an end to the diseased Lizardfolk. The companioned pushed forward and would of succumbed to the denizens of the swamp if not for the swordsmanship of Michelle. The recovered task force soon found a small occupied camp sight in the approaching night.


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