Darrondar Gweth,

Priest of Tempus


The local priest of Tempus used to be a soldier in Waterdeep and came to Daggerford after an ill-fated skirmish that left most of his company dead. Though many priests of Tempus are interested in stirring up war for its own sake, Gweth is more devoted to honoring the memory of his fallen friends. In this, his attitude is very much in keeping with most of the rest of the town, and though he rarely leads more than a handful of people in the worship of his god, he is wellliked and respected in Daggerford. Darrondar Gweth is a middle-aged man who has not lost his warrior’s build even as his temples have grayed. He wears a battered breastplate over dark gray robes lined with crimson. His blue eyes and the wrinkles around them reveal the grief that consumes him.


Class Trainer: Darrondar can serve as a mentor and trainer to a player character cleric.

Darrondar Gweth,

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