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Daggerford is a small, walled town dominated by the keep of the local duke. Situated on the flood plains of the Delimbiyr River (also called the Shining River) and built against the side of a low hill, Daggerford is the largest stop on the High Road between the cities of Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate, making it key to trade along the Sword Coast despite its relatively small size. All told, around 1,200 people live under the rule of the Duke of Daggerford, most of them in the twenty or so tiny farming hamlets scattered within a day’s walk of the town proper. A few isolated farms and noble estates dot the countryside as well.

Every year around midsummer, the population of Daggerford swells as people come from up and down the Sword Coast to partake in the town’s annual festival of games. While merchants hawk their wares along crowded boulevards, crowds gather to witness all manner of contests, from archery and tug-o’-wars to wrestling and pie eating. But alas, ill weather has dampened this year’s festivities. Torrential rain falls from thick black clouds as wild coastal winds howl through the darkened streets. Guests pack the local inns and taverns, hoping for some reprieve while keeping their spirits high with drinking games and music, but the storm has been relentless, and there’s no end in sight. Not surprisingly, the storm has given rise to lots of gossip about recent events in town, namely the capture of a tattooed man believed to be a Red Wizard of Thay. What would a Red Wizard be doing so far from home, you ask? Well, according to the local gossip mongers, he was magically disguised and working for Lord Floshin as a gardener, of all things! That’s right, the same Lord Floshin whose estate was attacked and looted by orcs and half-orcs a fortnight ago. They say the Red Wizard was behind it, and that’s why he’s doomed to hang after the festival. It’s a good thing Lord Floshin wasn’t home during the attack. He could’ve been captured and taken away by the orcs. That’s what happened to his servants, gods protect them! One can only imagine their horrible fate.

And so the story begins………..